A note to our valued clients: As of June 15, 2020 we are resuming limited in-person EMF assessments, while wearing a mask and gloves. Phone and Zoom consultations are also available during this unprecedented time. Your initial 15 minute phone consult is always free. We will work together to answer your questions and to lower your EMF exposure with simple, useful and inexpensive tips. Please email stephanie.kerst@sageliving.us for more details. Be well and stay healthy.

have you ever?

Noticed the pervasive use of smartphones and wireless gadgets in today’s world?


Questioned the health impact of smartphones, WiFi and other wireless technology?


Been on a mission to create a lifestyle of optimal health?


 Reduced your exposure to EMF during pregnancy, but now wonder how to do that for your child, as your baby grows?

Been curious about how to determine your wireless exposure and how to manage it?


Wanted to create a low-EMF home?



Wondered how much screen time is safe for your child?


Desired to find the balance between reliance on wireless technologies and smartphone use, and reducing the level of EMF exposure in your life?

So many professionals today work in environments that require the latest in wireless technologies. They know there’s a risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) for themselves -- and their families. Many of them selected low-EMF products when pregnant. But what about after pregnancy? There’s so little information available to parents today on this topic. In fact, parents today may not even know that public places like schools, cafes, cars, and airplanes have become environments where their children are being involuntarily exposed to secondhand radiation, much like smokers expose people to secondhand smoke.


It’s a frustrating situation because so many parents I talk with are health-minded for themselves and their families, and they’re aware that they can’t really control the threat of EMF to their lives and the lives of their families. 


This threat is growing in our increasingly wireless world.


That’s why I launched Sage Living. ….


My name is Stephanie Kerst and I serve wellness-minded families who are seeking solutions protect themselves and their children from wireless emissions and secondhand radiation.


Through Sage Living’s informational blog, parents are empowered to make more informed choices, based on honest information provided by independent, trusted resources — not tech-industry advertising.

Photo: Thomas J. Story, Sunset Magazine
Photo: Thomas J. Story, Sunset Magazine