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Sage Living offers electromagnetic field (EMF) inspections for home, office and schools, including real estate inspections for potential home buyers or renters. Services are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Phone consultations and travel are also available. 


All inspections are performed by Stephanie Kerst, Certified Building Biology™ Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, trained by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


EMF inspections offer detection and measurement of the four types of EMF: radio frequency radiation (wireless), electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity. The assessments are conducted with professional grade Gigahertz Solutions meters, made in Germany, and specifically designed for Building Biology™ Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists.


Services are tailored to the particular needs of the client and include individualized recommendations to reduce EMF exposure, especially in high use areas like bedrooms, play rooms and home offices. 


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