Digital detox

We're thinking about doing a...

digital detox on Thanksgiving this year. Have you heard of a digital detox?


A digital detox is a period of time when an individual stops using their electronic devices. It’s an opportunity to reduce stress, focus on the world around you and emphasize face-to-face social interaction with others. 


How do you do a digital detox?

Simply turn off your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer for a length of time, usually 24 hours.


Here's why a digital detox is important:


Day to day in the digital world, we face near constant demands for our attention. And if we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot, this can mean we quickly burn out or become inefficient.


By doing a digital detox, we give ourselves chance to step back temporarily. When we return, recharged, we’re more productive and have a different perspective. We’re also likely to have at least one great idea while we’re ‘not thinking about it’.


Why is this? Partly because while we’re doing a digital detox we’re allowing our thoughts and conversations to get all the way to their conclusion – rather than a smartphone interrupting by pinging every five minutes.


What is your motivation for a digital detox? Do you need a chance to recharge and rest? Do you need a break from being connected to your phone 24/7? Do you want to spend more time with your spouse or your children, offering them your undivided attention? 


Once you begin your detox, you might find that you feel like you have more time and are less rushed. Enjoy it. You deserve a break. 


Remember to ease back into life after you complete your detox. Prioritize what’s important and respond to it accordingly without undue stress. Pace yourself. 


This quote is exactly what I hope to gain from my own digital detox:


For the first time in ages, the day felt like it had space


Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

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